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How the choose the best tax debt resolution company

IRS is one the strongest collection agency in the world that holds the power to garnish your income, attach a lien to your property and levy your bank account. Also, they have the right to revoke your passport if debts go beyond a certain limit.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to face the IRS tax debt, a tax relief company may help you to deal with your situation and get you a better financial health. These companies protect you from the penalties imposed by IRS and state tax commission and can also help you if any lien is attached to your assets.  They set up your payment plan, negotiate for settling the debt at a lower amount, and request the authorities for granting you relief from penalties imposed by them.
IRS tax relief companies can help you in finding the best way to deal with the outstanding debts with IRS and state tax authorities.

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These companies provide you a free consultation where they make you familiar with their services and offer recommendations to come out of the situation.

Benefits of hiring a debt relief company for settling your tax debts

Don’t try to settle your tax debts by yourself

With an enormous amount of tax laws that navigate the process of dealing with the IRS, it’s not a wise decision to settle your tax debts by yourself.  These companies possess experts who are well versed with the working of the IRS and can settle agreements with the government.

Minimize the effect of not solving tax issues properly

You might have heard the long tales of individuals who paid a massive amount of dollars to the tax relief companies but yet their issues were not resolved. By investing in a professional tax relief company that offers the best solution, you are likely to sleep peacefully and reduce your stress.

Criteria for evaluating a tax debt relief company

Choosing the right tax relief company is a difficult task. It’s even more challenging when you are dealing with such a situation for the first time. However, a little research can help you to find the best tax relief company that can effectively represent you before IRS and State Tax Authorities. Here are a few guidelines that can help you in choosing a wise and reputable debt relief company.

Investigate prior to quoting feesLicensed tax attorneysThorough investigationInternal policies resolution
If you speak to tax relief companies, they just provide you an attractive resolution in just a few minutes. They also quote a huge amount to resolve your tax issues. But at the same time, there is a long list of customers who have complaints regarding the services provided by the companies. It’s because the guidelines for qualification for excellent resolutions are very complicated. Also, the government agencies take it seriously when companies charge a huge amount of fees for suggesting that an individual will get a certain resolution. A lot of companies have been shut down in the past years. So, while choosing a tax relief company you should make sure that the company should not try to qualify you for a resolution just for the sake of minting dollars from you.
You should only hire tax debt relief companies who have a network of licensed tax attorneys to represent their customers. The claims of companies should be wisely checked as most of them just make fake claims of having tax attorneys or being linked to a law firm.
To outsmart their competitors, some companies charge a less amount. However, such companies have innumerable complaints regarding their investigations. You must make sure that the tax debt relief company does a thorough investigation, or else you may find yourself in a situation where you might receive collection notices from IRS on the issues that you thought to have resolved.
When you speak to a tax relief company, you should ask them about the internal checklist and the process they would follow to make you qualify for the best resolution. Some companies falsely lead the client into believing that they qualify for a resolution. However, when the submission is done in front of the IRS/state, it is rejected. You should make sure that the company you are choosing has internal training and checklists so as to make your financials accurate in order to qualify you for the best resolution.
Look for a solid companyWide array of tax relief optionsAccreditationWritten guarantee
You might have heard companies boasting about saving millions of dollars or being the biggest one in the industry with a lot of employees. But the truth is that such companies are more prone to making errors. Similarly, if the company is too small they may be occupied with several aspects of running a business. The wise decision is to look for a company that has a solid team of agents and tax attorneys who perform their work with sincerity.
You should make sure that the company you are selecting should be familiar with the tax relief strategies and specializes in providing various tax relief options.
The tax debt relief company should be a member of the National association of Tax Professionals. The NATP sets the best industry standards and offer tax research services to its members. Also, the enrolled agents must be certified by the National Association of enrolled agents.
The company should provide you a written guarantee that they will deal with your tax issues in an effective manner. This gives you confidence that you are working with the company that provides quality services to the customers. Not all the companies have the required expertise to resolve your tax debts. Debt advice is one of the companies that guarantee to reduce your stress and get you a peace of mind by dealing with your tax debt issues effectively.