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Free Debt Advice

Debt advice offers a wide gamut of solutions to resolve your debt problems. Our solutions are designed to dramatically reduce your debts and help you achieve financial freedom.


Debt Consolidation

A popular debt management solution where multiple debts are combined into a single payment, thus simplifying your payment schedule.


Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is a debt relief process that involves negotiating with creditors to settle your debts for less than what you owe.


Debt Negotiation

A flexible and proven debt solution that includes with the creditors to reduce the monthly payments, interest rates and the principal balance.


Tax Debt Relief

A quick way to resolve the debts you owe to IRS and state tax authorities if you are unable to pay them due to financial hardships.

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It’s time to make a smart choice and restructure your debt terms based on what you can afford to pay. We can help you save thousands of dollars and become debt free much earlier than you would have thought of.

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Phases Of Our Debt Relief Program

We create customized debt relief program based on your situation so that you can settle your debts quickly.



Give us a call and provide us an insight into your financial situation. We will then work to customize your monthly payments based on your goals, amount of debt and your budget.



You will have to make monthly deposit into an FDIC insured savings account that will be under your complete control. The amount you send will be used to pay off your debts.



After enough funds have been accumulated into your savings account, we will negotiate with your creditors to reduce your balance and settle your debts quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will get an answer to all the questions that you have in your mind

What is debt relief?
Debt relief is a way to resolve your unsecured debts by negotiating with the creditors to reduce the amount of debts you owe. You can negotiate with the creditors on your own or you can use a debt relief program to deal with your debts.
What type of debts can be settled?
The debts that can be settled include credit card debt, medical bills, department store cards, signature loans, and other types of unsecured debts.
What types of debts are covered?
Credit cards, unsecured loans, overdrafts, store cards, catalogs etc. however we will evaluate your situation when we speak to you as this list is not a conclusive one and there may be other debts that we might include. We will go through a list of all your financial commitments.
Will debt negotiation affect my credit rating?
Yes, your credit rating may be negatively affected by debt negotiation. However, you can improve your credit rating once you get out of debt.
What kind of consolidating loan options do I have with a bad credit score?
You may find difficulty in consolidating loans with a bad credit score. However, a secured loan is a possibility, but it requires a good amount of collateral that is to be kept as a security with the creditors.
Who qualifies for debt Counselling?
To qualify for a Debt Management Program there is no such minimum debt requirement. A nonprofit credit counselling agency will provide free credit counselling and budgeting session at any debt level.
How long does a debt management plan last?
A debt management plan can take up to 48 months or longer to complete, However, payoff times can be much shorter in some cases. Most individuals on these plans can pay their credit card debt, in full, in five years or less.
Who can help me consolidate my debt?
You can use an unsecured personal loan from a credit union, bank or online lender to consolidate debt. For details reach out to us.
Can I have more than one debt management plan?
Yes, you can have more than one debt management plan, however, we suggested you contact a debt counsellor before doing the same. Reach out to Debts Advice for connecting to a counsellor.
How to get a debt management plan?
There are multiple ways of getting a debt management plan, you might think searching for it on the internet is the best one, but calling Debts Advice would be most beneficial.
Who can help pay off debt?
Debts Advice! Yes, we can help you pay off debt. Contact our counsellor today.
How to help a family member get out of debt?
First of all, we appreciate your concern, helping a family member is a great deed. To get them out of debt, give them our number. We provide free-of-cost debt counselling.